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Change Your Life

Imagine if you could actually go out and enjoy yourself instead of waiting for the inevitable onset of stomach pain?

Spend more time doing things you love instead of spending so much time in the bathroom!

Get control of your life back

Have confidence again

Feel more energetic

Eat out with less fear

Say goodbye to daily bloating, gas, abdominal pain, diarrhea, constipation, acne, fatigue or head fog

Spend less time and money in and out of doctor's offices on co-pays, medications and supplements that don't work!

Most clients experience a 50% reduction in symptoms within the


"I was so worried at the beginning of my journey with Meg because I have a hard time sticking to major food/life changes. However, Meg was always reassuring and helped me take everything one step at a time so that I didn't get overwhelmed by all the changes. She was encouraging, and reminded me that the journey won't be perfect but each small win can push you forward to continue improving. Meg has been so wonderful to work with, and I'm very thankful for her."

- Rachel, NYC

Programs include:

Full assessment, treatment plan and customized recommendations at initial evaluation

Stay on track with the ability to log food/beverage choices and thrice weekly feedback on choices from me

Get answers to pressing questions inbetween sessions via email support and messaging capability via convenient phone app

Know EXACTLY what food to purchase and prepare via weekly recipe review, adjustments and approval and virtual grocery list creation (via InstaCart or other preferred method)

Find out in real time if you should purchase a food item via virtual grocery shopping with me 2x/mo via FaceTime

Continued support with regular bi-weekly or weekly follow ups

Customized meal plans and recommended product list for entire program

Digestive Healing Program

Designed for those suffering from diagnosed digestive disorders (IBS or SIBO). If you have tried every medication, pill or conventional treatment with little or no improvement, if you are totally FED UP with having to deal with your consistent diarrhea, constipation, bloating, if you tend to live a stressful lifestyle and are ready to find balance and peace, or if you just want to feel like yourself again and not have to worry about your symptoms - this program is for you.

Total Reset/Skin Detox

This program is for anyone who just plain feels crummy. If you have not been diagnosed with a digestive disorder (ex: IBS, SIBO) but still feel fatigued, low energy, are suffering from skin problems such as acne, eczema, rashes or rosacea and digestion issues, this program is for you!

Accountability Monthly Subscription Program

For those who have established health goals or just want advice or tips about their current health habits, this package offers coaching, encouragement and personalized feedback via a convenient phone app. This is also a perfect add-on for clients who have completed one of the above programs and would like continued support/encouragement.

**Please note: this package does not include all of the features listed above as it is mainly meant for support and accountability, not to begin a transformation

Meal Planning Program

Never wonder what to eat again! Get clean eating weekly meal plans sent right to your inbox! These Registered Dietitian-curated meal plans allow you to edit your preferences and tastes, swap meals for others that fit your needs, plus generate a grocery list and prep schedule! Great for busy professionals who have a handle on their health and just need a little weekly assistance with picking and planning meals.

**Please note: this package does not include all of the features listed above as it is mainly meant for support and accountability, not to begin a transformation

Don't wait another second to change your life

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